RadhaKrishn: Radha to Marry Ayan!

Star Bharat’s show RadhaKrishn depicts the everlasting and magnanimous love of Radha and Krishn. The show will be seen going into a standout amongst its most critical stage in the coming days.

While RadhaKrishn’s marriage ceremonies were on full swing, Ugrapat approaches Virshbhan for Radha’s turn in marriage to his child Ayan. Further Ugrapat reminds him about the guarantee made by him during Chandraveli and Govardhan’s wedding to spare him from the humiliation before the entire town.

Virshbhan chose to share everything with his significant other Keertida. While, enlightening his better half Keertida concerning the guarantee made by him to Ugrapat, Radha catches the discussion and winds up stressed. She lets Krishn think about her dad’s guarantee to Ugrapat. Krishn then forfeits his affection for Radha and chooses to drop the wedding so that Virshbhan doesn’t need to leave Barsana. Krishn then begins carrying on impolitely with Virshbhan so he begins abhorring Krishn, cancels the wedding and gets Radha wedded to Ayan as indicated by the guarantee he made to Ugrapat.

Will Virshbhan drop the wedding? Will Radha keep on adoring Krishn? Will Krishn have the option to overlook his adoration for Radha?

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