Radhika has a twin sister! A new twist in Wagle Ki Duniya- Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey

Wagle Ki Duniya- Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is one of the most entertaining yet thought provoking TV shows winning the audience’s hearts and amusingly dealing with issues. In the upcoming episode, we see Anna travelling to Kenya for a trip. After enjoying the jungle safari, Anna makes a startling phone call to Radhika in utter disbelief. Despite twists and turns, the Wagle household usually begins every morning with warmth and happiness. However, this specific morning will be different, as, in the Wagle household, the day will start with a phone call to Radhika that shocks everyone at the breakfast table. Anna narrates the story about his Kenya jungle safari, revealing to Radhika that he saw someone who looked exactly like her; upon hearing this news, everyone is stunned!

Later, it is revealed that Radhika has a twin sister named Ruby, who was adopted by a family that moved to Africa. Even though both sisters are identical, their personalities differ. Anna describes Ruby as a modern empowered woman who lives freely following the western culture. Anna also informs that Ruby will be coming to Mumbai to meet everyone. The reunion of the sisters turns out to be a happy event, after which Ruby decides to take Radhika with her to Africa.

What will Rajesh do now? Will he be able to stop Ruby from taking Radhika to Africa?

Bharati Achrekar who portrays the role of Radhika Wagle in the show, shares, “This show highlights an unbreakable family bond and how a middle-class family juggles their daily challenges, and the plot about my twin sister comes at a very interesting point. It is exciting to have a twin sisters who is same in some ways, yet both characters having distinct personalities. This makes it intriguing and showing two different opinions is an interesting concept. I believe the audience will love this turn, and I cannot wait to see their reaction”.

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