Rajiv Mishra enters ‘Mere Sai’

On-screen character Rajiv Mishra is set to play a godman in “Simple Sai”. He will be seen depicting the part of Dilawar Ali, a godman who enters Shirdi with three pupils.

“I figured a great deal before consenting to do this part as I feel an on-screen character needs to inalienably feel that he can do equity to the part. It’s an overwhelming undertaking for me to have the capacity to perform before an on-screen character who is ordering the part of Sai (Abeer Soofi),” Rajiv said in an announcement.

“I have taken a shot at numerous shows before, yet this is the first occasion when I am related with a one of a kind show like ‘Minor Sai’. In ‘Minor Sai’, my character has a particular look. He is totally wrapped in a white outfit from make a beeline for toe, and he doesn’t care for anybody touching his feet,” he included.