Rajjo: Arjun & Rajjo decide to start over in their relationship

Star Plus’ Rajjo is one of the most popular shows where the makers are trying their level best to keep the audience glued to the show. The upcoming track will see a major twist and a romantic moment as Arjun and Rajjo decide to start over in their relationship.

It will so happen that Rajjo succeeds in exposing Guru Maa and Madhumalti comes under fire. Rajjo convinces the family to forgive Madhumalti, leaving her feeling that a loser like Rajjo would have the upper hand on her.

Rajjo gives Arjun one last chance to decide the fate of their relationship else she will walk away. After which the two decide to give their relationship another chance and decide to go on a date.

But fate has something else planned as Arjun and Rajjo’s date is interrupted when she realises Manorama is missing. They follow clues to an abandoned lake where Pushkar is about to throw Manorama into the lake full of crocodiles.

Will Pushkar will be sucessful in killing Manorama? What will happen to Rajjo and Arjun relationship?

Rajjo, an aspiring athlete from Uttarakhand, goes through many challenges in the programme. The show is about how Rajjo responds to the past and fulfills her aspirations in the present after being split up from her mother. Celesti Bairagey and Rajveer Singh play the leads and their performance is praise worthy.