‘Rajjo’ finally launches with Shravan Somvaar Mahapooja

Rajjo, is the story of a girl gifted with a natural talent for athletics, who is brought up single-handedly by her closest companion, her mother, in a mountain village. For reasons unknown to Rajjo, her mother has always steered her away from the world of sports. But a natural calling such as Rajjo’s always finds a way to break through! Her life is turned upside down when one day devastating floods tear her village apart, washing away her mother.

Rajjo has to deal with a double blow as she deals with not only the loss of her mother – but the dizzying truth of her mother’s resistance to the sporting world. She finds her mother’s gold medal – her mother herself was once a national athlete! Unknown to Rajjo is her mother’s compelling story. Now, will Rajjo be able to find her mother, with the help of Arjun, a stranger who saved Rajjo from drowning in the floods. Will he become her only conduit to the big city and the means to find her mother? What will happen when Rajjo realizes the truth about her father? And will Rajjo, a girl from a background of no means, be able to make a mark for herself in the exclusive and exploitative world of sports? Will Arjun fall in love with the charming Rajjo and will he be able to resist his family’s pressure to marry someone else?

In the presence of the cast and crew along with the makers, Star Plus’ most awaited show ‘Rajjo’ has been launched amidst much celebration. On the optimistic occasion of Shravan Somvaar, the team performed the maha aarti on the sets. The team performed havan, followed by the pooja for the success and prosperity of the show. The cast of the show including the lead female protagonist Celesti Bairagey along with Rajveer Singh, Pakkhi Hegde, Gungun Uprari and Aayushi Bhave Tilak was present for the maha pooja.

The lead female protagonist Celesti Bairagey said “Having commenced the show on such an auspicious occasion is a pure blessing for us. As I am a big devotee of lord Shiva in the show, it’s really very special for me to be a part of the same. It is truly a new show with a lot of entertainment for the audience, I am sure they will love it.”

While talking about the show, the male protagonist Rajveer Singh said ” We are really excited to bring the show Rajjo to the audience. The cast and crew have had a thrilling time working on it, and I am certain that it will touch upon the emotions of the audience.”

‘Rajjo’ will be launched on Star Plus on 22nd August 2022 at 7 pm IST.