Rajjo: Pushkar gets exposed in front of Manorama; Rajjo- Manorama join hands against Pushkar- Niharika

Star Plus show ‘Rajjo’ has kept the fans hooked to the TV screens with the exciting twists in the tale.

In the previous episodes, Rajjo nearly wins the race but just then Arjun spots a live wire that would fall on her and pulls her out of the race, disqualifying her. Rajjo gets heartbroken & Arjun pleads with Pushkar to give her another chance, but his conversation seeds further misunderstanding that she is only a temporary person in his life. She gets mildly jealous of Niharika’s closeness with Arjun and the other family members. Furthermore, Niharika gives a tempting offer to Rajjo and asks her to train at the academy as a partner.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, Pushkar will yet again conspire against Rajjo. He focusses on affecting Rajjo to a level that she can’t run the race ever. However, fate has another plan as instead of Rajjo, another person who was supposed to participate in the race gets into Pushkar’s trap. However, Manorama gets a hint that someone is behind Rajjo’s life and wants to hurt her. She finds out that the person who wants to hurt Rajjo is none other than Pushkar.

Manorama confronts Pushkar on the same. When confronted, Pushkar threatens to frame Rajjo for hurting her competitor. Manorama has to back off out of desperation to save her child while he warns her to leave.

Furthermore, Rajjo leaves Pushkar shell-shocked when she turns up with Manorama as her coach! Pushkar-Niharika are directly pitted against Manorma-Rajjo & the rivalry spills. Meanwhile, Arjun realizes that Jhilmil is pressuring Swara for a baby & is taking her to quacks for her infertility as they refuse to acknowledge that Mukund could be infertile. Arjun and Rajjo stand by Swara -Mukund and guide them through the troubles.