Did Ranveer Singh reject film with Katrina Kaif to keep Deepika Padukone happy?

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif’s chilly vibes have been the subject of multitudinous talk sections. Also, it appears Deepika’s sweetheart Ranveer Singh is gotten in the crossfire, if a report in Deccan Chronicle is to be accepted.

Obviously, Ranveer was offered Baar Bar Dekho executive Nitya Mehra’s new film, which likewise stars Katrina. Be that as it may, the performing artist turned it down. By chance, the two are on great terms, and Kat even takes after Ranveer on Instagram. Notwithstanding, he allegedly dismisses the film with all her his darling upbeat.

At the point when the production reached Ranveer’s representative, she denied the news and stated, “There is no truth in this.”

By chance, Deepika had prior said that she was partial to Katrina. “Once in a while you have a specific feeling for other individuals and they don’t really feel a similar route about you. However, that is alright. I am amazingly enamored with Katrina professionally and by and by,” she had said.