Rashami Desai On Umar Riaz Dating Rumours: ‘We Are Good Friends & We Will Always Be Just Friends’

Post Bigg Boss 13, Rashami Desai was spotted celebrating with previous co-challengers Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana. Be that as it may, what grabbed everybody’s eye at the social affair was Rashami and Asim’s sibling Umar Riaz moving together to the Garmi melody. Fans went into an overdrive mode while groveling over their science and adorableness. Before long, the web and web based life were overflowed with their fan-made picture alters the same number of began pulling for them as a team.

What’s more, presently, Rashami has approached and responded about the dating bits of gossip. She told SpotBoyE, “We are simply old buddies and he thinks about it. In this way, I don’t respond to what he thinks. Be that as it may, things are amusing when I see every one of these photos alters with him. Also, let me let you know folks that we are old buddies and we will consistently be ‘Simply Friends’.”

The on-screen character proceeded to include, “At this moment, I simply need to concentrate on myself and my profession. Marriage is unquestionably there at the forefront of my thoughts and I am searching for every single beneficial thing throughout everyday life. I will value every one of my minutes.”

Preceding being connected with Umar, Rashami Desai had said a final farewell to her sweetheart Arhaan Khan on having found that he misled her about his marriage and youngster. The Uttaran on-screen character, post leaving the BB glasshouse made it clear that the Arhaan section of her life has shut for good.

Rashami had stated, “I didn’t think about his marriage and youngster. I didn’t anticipate that him should conceal such a major part of his life from me. It came as a stun. Those things hurt me, however I stood like a divider for him inside the (Bigg Boss) house with the goal that no one could express anything to him. I have never spoken seriously about him significantly after his exit from the show. I won’t utter a word terrible about him even now, since he is a shut section for me.”