Reel turns real as Siddharth Arora falls sick on the sets of his TV show

Television performing artists experience strenuous timetables and since the shooting continues for longer hours, it is very typical for on-screen characters to fall debilitated or endure physical depletion. Be that as it may, once in a while, peculiar and amusing incidents happen when a performing artist is shooting! Siddharth Arora, who is presently playing the lead in ‘Laado 2’, needed to get soaked in the rain for an arrangement with his co-performing artist Avika Gor. As per the track Siddharth falls wiped out because of it and Avika medical caretakers him back to wellbeing. The shooting occurred according to plan, just that reel turned genuine for Siddharth, and he truly came down with bug.

We got some information about it and he stated, “It is an amusing fortuitous event however I needed to shoot in the soaked garments under the sun for a more drawn out time. At that point some time was spent in the vanity van which is an airconditioned one. In this way, I figure I came down with bug and fever. In any case, since, we don’t have a bank of scenes, I needed to keep shooting and couldn’t rest like the way they appeared in the scene,” he chuckles. Inquire as to whether Avika nursing him back to wellbeing aided and he included, “When Avika was giving me kaada and putting the wet material on my brow in the show, I was running 101 fever. Along these lines, Avika’s aiding in the show served to some degree.”