#REVEALED: THIS upcoming Zee TV show gets a LAUNCH DATE

Zee TV’s present shows like Tujhse Hai Rabta, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega and Aapke Aa Jane Se to give some examples have demonstrated fruitful in awing watchers. The channel is currently coming up some increasingly new shows with energizing new stories to keep its gathering of people stuck. The station is concocting an intriguing show titled Aghori which will explore different avenues regarding an unexplored point of Aghoris on TV.

Delivered by Essel vision Productions, the show will include Parag Tyagi, Gaurav Chopra and Simran Kaur in lead jobs. Strangely, Parag and Gaurav both will be found in the symbol of Aghoris.

As per sources, in the show Kamakshi (Simran Kaur) will be honored with an exceptional power that on the off chance that she forfeits her life before Aghori, the individual will wind up everlasting. Thus Rudranath (Parag Tyagi) will attempt to impact her.

Indeed, according to the most recent media reports, the show should be a fortnightly and will in all probability dispatch on eighteenth May, however the vacancy is yet to be finished.

Here examine the first promotion of the show:

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