Revelation of Kullfi’s father in ‘Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala?’

Star Plus’ Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala will before long broadcast some high voltage dramatization in the up and coming scenes.

We as of now perceived how Lovely (Anjali Anand) deceives Tevar (Vishal Aaditya Singh) into trusting that Kullfi (Aakriti Sharma) is his girl. He likewise sends Kullfi on the phase at the show instead of Amyra, with the goal that she gets her due.

What’s more, with this, Amyra will assume that it was Sikander (Mohit Mallik) who arranged the whole episode and will stand up to him for cherishing Kullfi more than his own little girl and will disclose to him that she wouldn’t like to live with him any longer.

She will likewise castigate Kullfi for grabbing her family and will advise her to live cheerfully with them.

Also, if this show was insufficient, Tevar will uncover to Kullfi that he is her dad and needs to take her away. Be that as it may, Sikander will be careful about the same. Meanwhile, Kullfi will get her potli in which Nimrit’s journal and her memento containing Sikander’s photo is reserved.

While Kullfi will be extremely glad and passionate on recovering her things, she will then hand over the same to Sikander, to enable her to confirm and locate her genuine dad.

Nonetheless, Lovely will happen to get Kullfi’s package and she will take out the journal and the memento, in this manner wiping out any odds of Kullfi and Sikander finding reality. In this manner leaving the twosome with only to trust Tevar’s cases.