#REVIEW: Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali FAILS to impress in the first week!

Created By: Writers Galaxy Productions

Cast: Shaheer Sheik, Sonarika Bhadoria, Aroona Irani, Gurdeep Kohli, Shahbaz Khan, Piyush Sahdev, Shruti Ulfat, Tasneem Sheik, Parvati Sehgal and Anand Garodia.

Hues and Prithvi Vallabh creator Anirudh Pathak are back with their re-production of the epic and heartbreaking romantic tale of Salim and Anarkali. Furthermore, performers Shaheer Sheik and Sonarika Bhadoria have been restricted in to assume the main jobs.

The show’s promotions made the truly necessary buzz and the show propelled on the first of this current month. This is what we feel about Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali.

Story So Far:

The main scene of the show starts with a little foundation of the Mughal Empire. The story at that point moves towards Faras, where Saifu (later Anarkali) and her family are into the matter of offering ittar. Anyway their satisfaction is brief as their town is assaulted and in the resulting fight, Saifu’s uncle is executed. Saifu, alongside her Aunt get away from their town and in the wake of riding on camel back for at some point, they achieve Hindustan. In another scene, Prince Salim and his cousin siblings are presented where the last cajole Salim into battling with a wild tiger. Be that as it may, Akbar acts the hero and he empowers him in crushing the creature. He is still disparaged by his cousins and Salim storms out into the desert where he experiences Saifu and her Aunt. Meanwhile, the intruders achieve Saifu and Salim and are going to kidnap them when Jodha salvages them all and takes them to their settlement.

Akbar and his escort achieve Kabul to offer their supplications at Humayun’s tomb, where an attempt to kill Salim is made. Anyway Saifu spares him and gets into the great graces of Akbar and Jodha, trailed by the sovereign rechristening Saifu as Anarkali. In the wake of safeguarding the kids, the company comes back to the tomb when the associate baba predicts that to Akbar that Salim won’t just satisfy everything he could ever hope for and wishes yet additionally make him extremely upset. He at that point proceeds to foresee that Anarkali will be the retribution that the Mughal Empire will see for the plain first time.

Akbar’s other spouse Rukaiyya is acquainted and it is uncovered with the gathering of people that it was her who put a hit on Salim. The regal family achieves Agra where more inconveniences anticipate Salim and Anarkali. Salim’s grandma knows about his companionship with Anarkali and right away opposes the equivalent. More circumstances prompt an encounter, trailed by Akbar’s mom Mariyam Makani censuring Jhillan and Anarkali and tossing them out of the royal residence. Yet, Salim prevents her from doing as such. Rukaiyya makes another endeavor to end Salim’s life and sends him into the Bhool Bhulaiya, yet he takes Anarkali alongside him and she winds up sparing his life once more.

On understanding that Anarkali is Salim’s shield, Rukaiyya and her cleaning specialists outline Jhillan in a burglary and get Akbar to expel her and Anarkali. All the while, Rukaiyya ropes in Salim’s cousins into the ploy, where they medication and endeavor to suffocate Salim. Be that as it may, Anarkali happens to see the pontoon and salvages the Prince. All the while, the symbol that Jhillan was blamed for taking is additionally recouped and not exclusively does Akbar apologize to Jhillan and Anarkali, yet in addition allows the last a desire. In the wake of being unsuccessful once more, Rukaiyya educates Salim’s cousins to inebriate him and this prompts Salim slighting Akbar’s position of authority. Akbar at that point expels Salim from the kingdom and heirship of the Mughal Empire.

What we preferred:

Voiceovers are a key component in drawing in your gathering of people and the show’s voiceovers keep us drew in and intrigued.

The VFX models are truly OK, of we need to contrast this present show’s with others we’ve seen on the channel. Be that as it may, there are places where they emerge and are obviously sketchy.

On-screen characters Shahbaz Khan and Gurdeep Kohli merit unique notices for their jobs of Emperor Akbar and Queen Jodha separately. They are fabulous.

Piyush Sahdev additionally assumes the job of Abu Fazal to the point and we like seeing him in his authentic get up. Tasneem Sheik who papers Rukaiyya and Aruna Irani who plays Mariyam Makani additionally nail their characters.

A unique specify to performing artist Anand Garodia for playing a transgender once more in Dastaan… after Shakti. It’s hard to play such characters consecutive and Anand plays it convincingly.

What we didn’t care for:

While it was just intelligent that the show begin with the foundation story of the youthful Salim and Anarkali, 5 scenes appeared to be excessively of a drag for us. We wish we got atleast a scene’s look at Shaheer and Sonarika.

Not to be excessively basic but rather none of the kid performers are that noteworthy, considering the way that the weight of the whole opening week was put on their shoulders.

Likewise, appears as though the creators had a troublesome time staying aware of the coherence of Rukaiyya’s outfits. The woman is seen wearing a similar ensemble throughout the week, with just a single change.


With everything taken into account, the principal seven day stretch of the show did not so much inspire. We expected much more, thinking about the buzz and the size of the show and the promotions. Be that as it may, given the reality of how the primary week has passed by, we assume the best about the show and might want to perceive how Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali admissions after the principle leads are presented.