Review: Ronit Roy and Sangita Ghosh are the highlight of ‘Swaran Ghar’

Swara Ghar depicts the life of a middle-aged couple Kanwaljeet and Swaran (played by Ronit Bose Roy and Sangita Ghosh as Swaran Bedi respectively) who have worked their whole lives and sacrificed their dreams for the sake of their children. But in return the children repay their hard work and sacrifices by turning their backs on them just when they need their kids the most.

Joining the ensemble is none other than the popular TV actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary, who will essay the crucial role of Ajit, Swaran’s loyal friend and her potential love interest. Ajit will support Swaran in her journey of being self-reliant and empowered. After the first episode, here’s what we think about the show so far.


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To start off, Ronit Bose Roy as Mr. Bedi is a treat to watch and you know that he would own the screen no matter who he plays. While Sangita is the selfless mother, Ronit is the selfless lover. We know that Ronit may not be a part of the show for throughout its run, and we are given hints about it right from the start, but it is a loss for us.

Meanwhile, Sangita does manage to do all that is expected out of her and though there are moments that feel like they are going a little overboard, but that’s just how daily soaps generally work. But she does it well, and with grace, without making it look very preachy or OTT.

Sandeep as Nakul looks like a rather subpar performance, and though things don’t look up, it might be too soon to negate his act all together. We don’t see much of other supporting actors, so what’s in store is yet to be awaited.

The Good

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The show clearly is relatable at more levels than one, and parents might find it to be their reality, while children (if they are watching it) might feel guilty of their behaviour when watching it. Though there’s more than just this that you expect, the fact remains that the show is about parents and children, and everything in between.

The show has been shot well, and you truly get the Chandigarh vibe in there, making it slightly different from the daily soaps we happen to see being shot in Mumbai. Due credits to both Sangita and Ronit for getting their dialect right, for it is a treat to see them do that so effortlessly.

The show promises to be an emotional ride, if nothing else, and that’s one good start. Not to forget, since the story does take a little from real life, one can truly hope for things to only get better ahead!

The Not So Good

Well, there is the dramatic factor that does come around in here, but its the nascent stage and it might as well be a requirement, so not getting to critical of it. However, we are also not denying that things could’ve been mellowed down here and there too. Barring that, not a lot is revealed in the first episode, and there’s more to see before we judge this one.


You are most likely to take time to begin enjoying it, but for most part, the show does have a feel good vibe. Though you may or may not agree to everything there is, it is most likely to get better going forward, than it is likely to be not the best. Maybe a week into the show, and we’ll know where does it stand better!