RIP: Actress Divya Bhatnagar’s father PASSED away

Performer Divya Bhatnagar’s life has surely been a wild one for as far back as few days, where we detailed about how the on-screen character’s dad disappeared one day in Delhi just to be saved later, in a harmed and harmed condition.

Despite the fact that he was admitted to the healing facility, he had been attempting to keep up as of late. The specialists had put him on the ventilator and were attempting their best. Be that as it may, yesterday (eighteenth October), Mr. Vinay Kumar Bhatnagar inhaled his last at around 7: 30 pm.

Because of the criminal edge in this situation, Divya is wanting to get equity soon.

We trust Divya remains solid all through this battle and may Mr. Bhatnagar’s spirit rest in peace.