Rishina Kandhari to re-enter this SAB TV show!

SAB TV’s show Tenali Rama is a standout amongst the most cherished shows on the channel. Watchers are cherishing the intriguing storyline and lively exhibitions.

We hear that Rishina Kandhari, who at first played Goddess laxmi in the arrangement, will before long come back to the show to repeat her job.

As per the reports, she will be found in the Navratri uncommon scenes. In the forthcoming scenes Tenali (Krishna Bharadwaj) will see Goddess laxmi in his fantasies and disclose to him that she is leaving Vijaynagar as she is disturbed about a considerable measure of insidiousness things occurring around the place.

Anyway Tenali will at that point guarantee her that he will endeavor to change things.

After this, Goddess Laxmi will leave and Rama will endeavor to discover her.

Affirming her arrival to a gateway, Rishina said she is eager to be back on the show and this time she will be found in nine unique symbols of Goddess amid Navratri and Durga Puja celebration.

It will intrigue watch her wearing the nine symbols.