Rishita lashes out at Dhara for spreading her pregnancy news; Rishita to abort the baby in ‘Pandya Store’?

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Raavi being adamant on marrying Shiva while Rishita ahs learned about her pregnancy but is skeptical to take it forward considering that she wants to be successful in her career.

In the upcoming episodes, Rishita tells her boss Sagar that she is not sure if the family will allow her to go to Ahmadabad and that he shouldn’t force her for the same. Sagar makes her sit and explains to her that he will handle things and she can visit Ahmadabad for inspection once a while. Sagar asks her to take a day off. She heads towards her home and thinks that Dev should also have shown concern for her the way Sagar did.

Dev and Rishita have a major argument as Dev tries to apologize and convince her. Dev sees the pregnancy result in the dustbin and asks her if she is pregnant. She says hes. Dev gets thrilled. Dhara overhears it and gets excited. She calls Gautam and informs him the same and tells him to inform Shiva. Dhara also informs the same to Raavi and Suman and the family gets together to celebrate the good news.

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The family brings dhol and celebrate the good news by dancing. Rishita is shocked that the family knows about the news. She gets furious. She asks everyone to stop the noise and lashes out at Dhara for telling everybody the pregnancy news. She asks her if she overheard Dev talking. She nods and tells her that she accidentally heard it and couldn’t control her excitement. Rishita taunts her even more.

Dev asks her to calm down as they would anyway have informed the family and it’s not a big deal if Dhara did the same. Dhara tells her that Suman has been so desperate to become a grand mother and she couldn’t give her the happiness but is glad that Rishita will soon give her that joy.

Furthermore, Rishita tells the family that it’s her right to decide whether she will keep the baby or not. She ends up in the hospital and tells the doctor that she has taken the decision. Will she abort the baby? Only time will tell.