Rushad Rana to enter THIS popular Star Bharat show!

Star Bharat’s well known show Muskaan has prevailed upon watchers’ souls with a special storyline. We hear that gifted performing artist Rushad Rana is good to go to enter the show soon.

In the up and coming track, the story will keep running in flashback wherein it will be demonstrated that Gayathri (Moon Banerjee) will be indicated promising Rushad’s character that her child Raunak will wed his little girl.

Afterward, when the family will become more acquainted with of Raunak (Ssharad Malhotra) being hitched, they will come in and face Gayathri and her family.

Rushad will play the dad of the young lady and will have a noteworthy encounter scene with Gayathri over the guarantee.

We hear that a beginner named Kajal will assume the job of Rushad’s little girl.

Presently, it will be interesting to watch what will occur straightaway.