Saamna out now: Akasa and Pratik’s chemistry as former lovers is an absolute highlight

Bigg Boss 15 best friends Pratik Sehajpal and Akasa Singh have collaborated for the first time in the music video, titled Saamna. The summary of the music video reads: Meeting an ex is never easy, especially if there are things left unsaid. Saamna sees Pratik and Akasa as former lovers who meet again in a high fashion photoshoot.

Though they’ve come together because of their careers, you wonder if perhaps the spark between them never died at all. Will they confront their true feelings for each other? The song has been composed by Vayu and Stav Beger, written by Vayu and sung by AKASA. And well, it sure seems to be a beautiful one at that, both visually and in terms of its musical appeal.

Meanwhile, the video has clocked in 30,000 views in about 30 minutes, and it sure is only going to be upwards and onwards.

Akasa is a visual treat in all the scenes that there is and her voice only adds to the look and feel. As for Pratik, he seems to be trying his hands at various kinds of performance driven videos, which are clearly working in his favour, and beautifully so.

Apart from this, Pratik has been a part of a couple of music videos recently, post his stint in Bigg Boss 15. As for Akasa, she has received a lot of love for the video with Karan Kundrra, titled Kamle.