Saanjh to adopt an UNRECOGNIZABLE disguise to search Maya in ‘Beyhadh’

Sony TV’s Beyhadh now has the lead faces at loggerheads as Arjun (Kushal Tandon) has effectively figured out how to escape jail with a virtuoso arrangement and the assistance of his friends and family, Ayaan (Summit Bhardwaj), Suman (Vibha Bhagat), Shubh (Rakshit Wahi) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani).

Then again, Maya keeps on being ignorant regarding who has been following her this while and is stunned to find out about Arjun’s effective escape design. What’s more, now, while Arjun keeps on plotting yet another plan, the initial step of that arrangement will be putting Saanjh on the bleeding edge.

In the forthcoming scenes, it will be seen that Saanjh will embrace an unrecognizable mask of an old lady and will enter a healing center. With silver hair, wrinkled skin and glasses, Saanjh will be undercover and will posture on a wheelchair faking a sickness so she gets admitted to the healing facility.

This will be done as such that Saanjh can disentangle Maya’s riddle. She will scan for pieces of information prompting Maya’s whereabouts.

Will Saanjh have the capacity to find Maya? Or, then again will Samay’s rebound prompt further inconveniences?