SAB TV’s Baavle Utaavle Prepares For a Leap; Funty & Guddu’s Story to Continue With New Twists

Baavle Utaavle has displayed the hilarious yet sweet voyage of an inquisitive youthful couple, Guddu (Paras Arora) and Funty (Shivani Badoni), alongside their battles to oversee and comprehend the complexities of marriage. The story, which is set in a provincial town of MP (Madhya Pradesh) has reliably drawn out the few kinds of marriage and connections weaved delightfully together with adoration, care and light silliness. This parody performer on Sony SAB is currently set to take a multi year jump and carry an energizing different take to the story alongside some new faces.

In a stunning new development, Funty loses her memory because of a mishap and overlooks everything that has happened in her life beginning from her marriage to Guddu. A much mindful Guddu is presently on a mission to win his significant other’s affection back yet has a circumstance staring him in the face – he has another woman in his life, Chulbuli Pandey, who worships him and claims to be his better half, which makes Funty question his expectations towards her.

Enter Salman Sharma, an elective treatment specialist and Funty’s beloved companion who is attempting to enable her to recapture her memory however in the process begins to look all starry eyed at her. The show turns into a progression of complex swings, and will take spectators on a mission to see whether Funty will ever recollect that Guddu is her perfect partner and that they’re a hitched couple!

Will Guddu and Funty be capable revamp their romantic tale once more?

Shivani Badoni, assuming the job of Funty stated, “With all the new characters on the show, it is so energizing to see the development of this connection among Guddu and Funty. I think everybody has this dread some time or another somebody they adore will overlook them; this is a trial of those chances. Funty and Guddu have the greatest snag before them and checking whether they move beyond it will be a fascinating voyage for everybody.”

Paras Arora, assuming the job of Guddu stated, “The show is going towards a sensational turn. A jump of three years is going to bring a totally extraordinary yet interesting edge to the story. Guddu is on a mission and he has not abandoned their affection. He is on an interest to recover his significant other and help her to remember their occasions together. The voyage won’t be simple. Be that as it may, the crowds will have an extraordinary time watching this couple attempt and discover their way back to one another regardless of all the chances.”

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