Sai Ketan Rao: Now it is both Raghav and Pallavi, so a lot will change in Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali on Star Plus has been moving swiftly towards a major plot twist ahead, the promo of which we have already seen. It looks like the drama for Raghav (Sai Ketan Rao) and Pallavi (Shivangi Khedkar) never stops because there is always something going on after all. While the show has been keeping the audiences hooked, Sai has been receiving a lot of love for his role and in fact, has also been loved for his acting so far.

India Forums got in touch with Sai, and here are some excerpts from the interview:

Fans want to know a little about the track and what changes can they look for ahead?

Of course, there will be a lot of changes ahead because earlier, it was just Raghav and now, it is going to be both Raghav and Pallavi, so a lot is in store for them.

Does the feedback on social media ever make you feel hurt or awkward?

Honestly, I read it and forget about it most of the time, be it criticism or good things. Of course, the good ones do make me smile.

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Fans trend you guys every week, tell something?

I am absolutely overwhelmed and I feel lucky about it, they keep trending Raghav and Pallavi, and the show, and even SaiShi, it feels really good to see that happening.

Will we see you go back to your original avatar?

Raghav has many shades to himself, so I am sure there is going to be something from time to time.

Produced by SOL Productions and Sandiip Films, the show is based on Star Maa’s Telugu series Gorintaku.