Salman Khan To Continue With ‘Bigg Boss 13’, Not Quitting Owing To Health Issues

Bigg Bos 13 keeps on being all the rage each spending day and evidently keeps on being one of the best seasons as of late. We additionally realize that the show has now gotten a five-week expansion and will be proceeding till mid-Februrary 2020.

In any case, inferable from that and ongoing reports, there were bits of gossip that host Salman Khan won’t have the season in the extensin period and may even be done sooner attributable to medical problems. As indicated by a distribution, Salman’s family is stressed over his wellbeing and they don’t need him to blow up or hurt himself in the deal of facilitating the show. Subsequently, Salman is guessed that his family has requested that he quit the show.

In any case, the aficionados of the show would now be able to be diminished that starting at now Khan isn’t stopping the show at any point in the near future. Aside from the way that his future on being a piece of the show in the expansion time frame stays an inquiry, in the previous weeks there have been cases on how Khan has been needing to stop the show being enraged and disappointed because of the steady battles in the show.

However, Salman Khan has been managing these issues with a great deal of tolerance, yet his family is strained as allegedly the whiz blows up and it gives him extraordinary torment. Khan, a couple of years back, experienced an uncommon medical problem called Trigeminal Neuralgia, which doesn’t enable him to blow up as it will upset his nerves. While he has completely recouped from the medical problem, yet his family doesn’t need him to experience any pressure.

Starting at now, Khan is a piece of the show and isn’t stopping.