Samir Soni: Arti Could be The ‘Dark Horse’ of BB13!

Bigg Boss 13 competitor Arti Singh is right now going exceptionally solid with her game and nearness on the show. What’s more, with the season approaching its finale day, similar to every challenger who has effectively figured out how to make their own specialty and fan-base dependent on their character, Arti has been altogether different from the others in her disposition and lead all through, which has legitimately earned her the tag of the most ‘Stately’ hopeful in the house!

While challengers inside have additionally lauded Arti for being genuine and veritable and displaying her actual self to the world. Arti has likewise earned a great deal of help and recognition from outside the house from dear companions, family and well-wishers who have cherished the way Arti has figured out how to keep up her pride and regard so delightfully through the season!

Ex-bigg manager contender and Arti’s dear companion Samir Soni is additionally high on acclaims for Arti’s solid stature all through the show.

Talking regarding why he feels Arti could and should win the show this time, he shares,”I feel that Arti could be the ‘Dim Horse’ of Bigg Boss 13! She has all through the season maintained a ton of poise and regard, which has legitimately earned her a ton of affection and thankfulness from individuals watching the show, uniquely the old and individuals over a particular age gathering, who have infact constructed a solid preference for her right now.”

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