Sanjay Dutt on Ranbir Kapoor’s affairs: I bet his count is more than 10

Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju raised many eyebrows with the disclosure that Sanjay Dutt has laid down with more than 308 ladies. In a selective meeting with India Today Television’s Rahul Kanwal, the performing artist conceded that he never kept check.

“I recently felt that the tally must be 308. Presently, I don’t have the foggiest idea about their names and I don’t have the foggiest idea about their… I haven’t kept tally that way. Indeed, even in the film, it resembles that. He says, ‘Perhaps itna hoga.’ It was a significant huge score,” Sanjay said.

At the trailer dispatch of Sanju, Ranbir guaranteed that he didn’t be anything like Sanjay, and that his check was under 10. Sanjay was distrusting, and chuckled, “I wager his tally must be more than 10.”

Here are some different passages from the meeting:


It was hard to remember that. I was attempting to keep down my feelings in the theater. It is hard to remember your life. After the film finished, I simply separated. I just couldn’t trust it.

Ranbir was a whole lot superior to the genuine Sanju. He is truly gone over so well that I couldn’t discover any imperfections.


I don’t figure anyone would spend Rs 30-40 crore to change his picture. That is excessively of cash. Whatever they say is their perspective. I have come clean. Reality has been acknowledged by India. I am glad that individuals have acknowledged my life and learnt from it.

WATCH | Sanjay Dutt on Sanju: Nobody spends Rs 30-40 crore on whitewashing his picture


Sanjay Dutt is never a dim individual. For what reason do you suspect as much numerous individuals cherish me? There is nothing dim about me. Growing up the way I did – it was the same than a typical adolescent or youth

There was nothing exceptional about being Mr Sunil Dutt’s child. I committed errors – somewhat more. I even went to imprison for it which I don’t lament.


It isn’t just for me. It is for any on-screen character’s child. Troublesome for me to a specific point. I knew I needed to break that picture – of being Mr and Mrs Dutt’s child. For being Sanjay Dutt and them as my folks. That made my dad pleased. I’m pleased that they wer glad.

I am a great person any way. The weight was the old-school weight. What he moved toward becoming was without anyone else. He didn’t state ‘Beta achha kia hai’ all the time. That was the weight for me.


Part of weight when my mom fell sick. My film was very nearly discharge, and she was in the unconsciousness. There was a great deal of weight. I was exceptionally youthful. I just couldn’t comprehend why I needed to leave my mom and do the film.


I couldn’t pardon myself for a long time. It was an exercise learnt. I needed the more youthful age to realize that that was what medications could do to you. Your body requests smoking up.


From mother: The most essential thing is to be a decent person. Everything else comes after that. I learnt that from both my dad and mom. I’m passing on to my children.

I trust my significant other doesn’t spoil my youngsters the way my mom did me. My significant other lets me know whether the children don’t abhor the guardians when they are growing up, there is something incorrectly in their child rearing. I am hard to my youngsters when I need to be intense.

Associate PRESSURE

I’ve endeavored to demonstrate to them my life. Regardless of whether it is taking medications and how it incorporated up with something immense. I likewise endeavored to demonstrate to them that when this Sanjay Dutt returns from the recovery in America, that companion is as yet remaining there. I advise children to remain revved up and ready to go, remain high on work, in the rec center.

Medication ADDICTION

Medication enslavement is a malady which can’t be relieved. Today on the off chance that I want to smoke up a joint, I’m done. The dread of backslide is in the initial five-six months of stopping. I occupied my psyche in the exercise center. I began feeling great with my body.

Amplifying IN THE GYM

Back then, there was nothing called steroids. It was everything on an eating routine and ordinary. At that point came the protein powders and now it’s steroids. I needed to clear my picture. Individuals used to think I was on drugs. So individuals began saying tha he has a decent body – that can’t occur on drugs.