Sanjay Gagnani tests negative for COVID 19, to resume shoot soon

Sanjay Gagnani, who is notable for playing the character of Prithvi, the negative lead in the show Kundali Bhagya, has tried negative in the third round of COVID 19 assessment. The entertainer was set under isolate and put on fundamental eating regimen.

Discussing it, Sanjay says, “I have at long last tried negative following 20 days and 3 tests. I took care of the whole time frame with a ton of tolerance and resisted the urge to panic all through. As indicated by the side effects I had, it was a mellow COVID. The initial three days were troublesome as a result of indications however I began recuperating from the forward day and from that point forward it has been even more a psychological fight,” shares the entertainer.

Getting secured can negatively affect any psyche. Sanjay was no exemption, however he managed the circumstance with tolerance.

“Getting secured up a space for 20 days without a human/pets contact and contact was truly distressing for me. I felt pushed and desolate now and again yet I tried to avoid panicking and guaranteed myself that it was a transitory stage. This also will pass. After dimness, there will be light. I tried positive threefold and that sprinkled salt on the consume. However, fortunately, I have at last tried negative and can embrace and carry on with my existence with my excellent family and pets,” he says.

In the wake of experiencing a truly extensive stretch of fight with COVID 19, the gifted entertainer has a couple of recommendations for his fans.

“From my experience, I would simply demand everybody to take additional endeavors so as to avoid Coronavirus and construct a solid resistance.

Keeping up social removing, Wearing a cover, utilizing sanitiser, washing hands, looking after cleanliness, tasting warm water oftenly, taking steam two times per day, rinsing with warm water with salt, accepting multivitamins as recommended by your PCP, having kadha, organic products, veggies and nourishments that fabricate invulnerability and go about as a shield to microbes and infections,” he says.

The multi-capable entertainer, proceeds to include, “The most significant hint is, seclude yourself promptly without hanging tight for the testing result when you build up a manifestation and don’t freeze however remain quiet and battle it back with persistence on the off chance that you test COVID positive.”

All things considered, we are certain he will be glad to be back on the sets all things considered!