Sasural Simar Ka written update September 7, 2017: Samir sends Bhairavi to jail

In the most recent scene of Sasural Simar Ka, Samir gets Bhairavi captured. Uma and Pari ponder what they would do now. Khushi bolsters Samir’s choice. Bhairavi leaves with the police and chooses to extreme all ties with her child. Simar reveals to Bhairavi that she is languishing over her transgressions and is served appropriate by God.

Simar brings Sanjana alongside her. They backpedal to Maataji and Prem, and relate all that had occurred in the Bharadwaj house. They all vibe Samir has improved, despite the fact that Simar still questions his goals.

Samir laments sending his mother to the correctional facility. He calls his companions in the police and gets Bhairavi out of the jail. A surprise Bhairavi debilitates to slaughter herself, however Samir stops her and enlightens her he’d not talk regarding Sanjana starting now and into the foreseeable future.

‘Sasural Simar Ka’ gets an augmentation?

Aarav educates everybody how Bhairavi is out on safeguard, all because of Samir. They ponder what Samir needs. Simar stresses for Sanjana.

Somewhere else, Samir blindfolds Bhairavi and demonstrates her the changed name plate of the house on her name. Bhairavi is elated and guarantees Samir she’d get him wedded to Sanjana once more. Samir embraces her.

Afterward, Bhairavi goes to Simar’s home and requests that her family leave as she purchased the property rights from their driver, to whom they had initially given the house.

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