Sehban Azim goes the EXTRA MILE for his Zee TV show!

Responsibility and devotion are the keys to progress and TV heart-throb Sehban Azim unquestionably knows how urgent flawlessness is.

The on-screen character has officially prevailed upon groups of onlookers with his execution as the dynamic cop, Malhar Rane in Zee TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabta.

Sehban has been hauling out all stops to get his on-screen symbol right. From drudging additional hard at the exercise center to getting the correct build of a cop, to dealing with his lingual authority, Sehban is by all accounts going the additional mile to make his character much more impactful.

As of late, he needed to go shirtless for a succession on the show. With less time close by to plan, Sehban chose to choose one of the hardest courses – going off salt and water for 24 hours, in certainty after a thorough work out multi day before the shoot, Sehban remained without devouring any sustenance aside from his protein shakes to feature his very much conditioned constitution in the entirety of its transcendence.

Says Sehban, “I don’t figure I can survive multi day without hitting the rec center, so I developed a lean conditioned build as a rule. Be that as it may, when I discovered that I needed to go shirtless for a grouping the exact following day, I was worried about the outcomes as performing artists take many months to plan for a shirtless shot, change their eating methodologies, cut carbs and the exercises. I had no such benefits but then, needed my body to look culminate.”

He proceeded, “So critical circumstances call for edgy measures. I brought matters into my own particular hands quickly. In spite of the fact that I don’t prescribe this to anybody, I embraced a strenuous exercise one day preceding the shoot of my shirtless scene and cut out all salt, water, sugar and chose to quick for 24 hours. I am happy that my endeavors satisfied and we figured out how to get a flawless shot.”

Indeed, we can hardly wait to see Sehban utilize a few muscles on screen.