Shekhar Suman and Swati Shah back on TV with ‘Saath Phero Ki Hera Pheri’

‘Saath Phero Ki Hera Pheri’ is a humorous story of two wedded couples and their excursion to comprehend if there is anything called as an upbeat marriage. The show brings back TV megastar Shekhar Suman as the male lead and playing his significant other is mainstream performing artist Swati Shah.

Bhupi Tandon played by veteran performing artist Shekhar Suman is a fifty year old man and has out-dated convictions of a stereotyped Indian male. He is to a great degree petty and notwithstanding this demeanor, he is great hearted and watches over his family yet neglects to express his adoration. A movement operator by calling, Bhupi is an artist on a basic level. Despite the fact that he is flashy Punjabi he has faith in sparing instead of spending.

Then again, his better half Neetu Tandon played by the adaptable Swati Shah is a gushing spouse and mother. She speaks to the run of the mill Indian housewife of the 80’s.

Talking on this fresh start, Shekhar Suman stated, “I am returning to the class of parody after a long break. Be that as it may, I am extremely special to work with such an incredible group and channel. I trust through Bhupi Tandon I can win the adoration and support of gatherings of people all finished India.”

Swati Shah likewise stated, “Playing Neetu is an incredible affair. She is a lady with ceremonial convictions however her purity will make all ladies relate to her. It is an amazing privilege for me to work close by Shekhar ji in the show.”

Watch this space to find out about Saath Pheron Ki Hera Pheri.