Shiva panics as snake bites Raavi in ‘Pandya Store’?

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around the Pandya family taking the responsibility of preparing the holy feast for a temple. Meanwhile, Raavi wants Shiva to be back in her room and for the same she has brought a snake and kept the same in Suman’s room so that Suman asks Shiva to not sleep on the floor and sleep at Raavi’s room.

In the upcoming episode, Suman screams seeing a snake in her room. The family gathers and gets shocked. They get scared. Dhara says that everyone shouldn’t be awake as they have to be on time to prepare the feast. Shiva takes the responsibility of staying awake and guarding the family. Suman doubts Raavi as she was not letting her enter the room earlier, Raavi cooks up a story.

Suman goes to sleep in Rishita’s room. Rishita gets disturbed as Suman snores loudly. Raavi feels that half of her work is done and now she’ll be able to get Shiva in her room soon.

Raavi reaches near Shiva in a drowsy state and tells him that the snake bite her. Shiva ignores her initially but panics after seeing the mark on her hand. It will be interesting to see if Raavi has genuinely been bitten by a snake or is she just putting up an act.

Furthermore, the family heads towards the temple with the food prepared, however, the truck’s tires get punctured leaving everyone in a fix.