Shivani Surve’s character to END in Sony TV’s Ek Deewaana Tha!

At the point when Ek Deewaana Tha’s spoiler track turned out, it put fanatics of on-screen character Shivani Surve, who entered the show post jump as Shivani all excited. That was on account of, it recommended that Shivani will soon meet her deadly end in the show.

And keeping in mind that some trusted the news, others estimated that the it would be a plot wind, and that the character of Shivani will make her arrival to the show later on.

In any case, we now have it affirmed that Shivani Surve’s character will soon be finishing off with the Sony TV spine chiller.

And keeping in mind that a few reports recommend that it will be Vyom who will execute Shivani, it really will be Akash (Vikram Singh Chauhan).

Furious fans began making hypotheses with respect to how this was a brief move and that the creators would convey back Shivani’s character later on to the show, however that is not happening.

A source from the creation uncovered to us that Shivani Surve’s character of Shivani was dependably intended to be cameo however an imperative and vital piece of the post jump storyline. The source additionally affirmed that the character of Shivani won’t come back to the show.

We had a go at achieving Shivani, yet her she stayed inaccessible.