Shivin Narang Gets Injured While Saving Jennifer Winget!

While going for Beyhadh 2, Jennifer Winget experienced the most hazardous arrangement so far which nearly cost her life. Shivin and Jennifer’s first shoot together for Beyahdh 2 was an open air take shots at a building site. During the shoot, Shivin rose as a genuine saint for Jennifer when he spared her from tumbling off the structure.

While they were shooting, Jennifer had the saddle on and was in the lift utilized by building site laborers. The lift lost control and dropped from the highest floor. Jennifer’s bridle stalled out in the lift and she was getting hauled with it when Shivin acted the hero and connected with her and spared her from falling. He himself got harmed and hurt his hand however didn’t quit shooting.

On the occurrence, Shivin shared, “Our first shoot together was an open air take shots at a building site and I was very energized. The succession was one where Jennifer should be in a lift. While performing such trick successions, the creation takes most extreme consideration of the craftsmen and even Jennifer had her saddle and other wellbeing gear on however shockingly her bridle stalled out and she was going to get hauled with the lift from highest floor when I right away connected for her and snatched her. Over the span of sparing her, I harmed myself and my hand got injured and she got a couple of wounds to a great extent and the two of us were frightened.”