SHOCKING! Niti Taylor Out Of Life OK’s Show Ghulam!

As we uncovered before, Life OK is good to go to patch up their projects. Clearly, all the continuous shows will be rejected, aside from Ghulam. In an offer to pull in watchers the creators have chosen to change the plot of the show. According to the most recent reports, the producers have chosen to get rid of the lead performing artist of the show, Niti Taylor, which is very stunning! The choice was taken as the story will be changing its course and they require a more grounded character in her place.

A source was cited by a main every day as saying, “However Niti fitted the character at first, and had her influence well, it was essential that the show changed tracks and a more grounded female lead was restricted in. Additionally, a more up to date face would raise the intrigue level and add to the glitz factor.”

There are additionally reports that Ekta Kaul, Pooja Banerjee and Pooja Gor are considered for the new character. Any of these on-screen character may be seen inverse Param Singh.

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