Sukesh Anand Blames Shashi Sumeet Productions For Quitting ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’

The pandemic circumstance has in fact been exceptionally hard for numerous creation houses and entertainers too regarding shooting as well as far as the compensation scale and different things. Be that as it may, it seems like the circumstance on the show, Tera Yaar Hoon Main is getting more troublesome than one can foresee.

Entertainer Sukesh Anand, who assumed the function of the hero’s uncle in the show has chosen to stop it. Discontent with the creation house, Anand referenced how he was guaranteed better meat in his character and how even inverse to that, they are being paid less due to the pandemic.

In a meeting with Tellychakkar, Anand stated, “I was bolted for the character expressing that I would be given a conspicuous space in the show and they would utilize my 15 dates for every month which didn’t end up being the situation, I was called for only 5-6 days to shoot which isn’t adequate to me. They additionally cut the compensation expressing the pandemic which I believe is sheer foul play as they were not in any event, letting me sign different shows in view of the agreement. So as it were, I was shooting less against the guarantee which was before made to me and I wasn’t paid appropriately.”

Entertainer Ravi Gossain is the person who will supplant Anand in the job. Anand added, “I don’t need some other entertainer to confront what I have experienced, Shashi Sumeet Productions gave me trusts however without any result. I truly want Ravi Gossain to enjoy all that life has to offer for the show and I truly trust he shows improvement over me. I have no second thoughts about leaving the show and I am as of now in talks with a few Filmmakers for ventures, so I am taking a gander at its positive side.”

A similar report likewise recommended that separated from Anand, entertainer Trupti Mishra is additionally intending to leave the show for a comparative explanation however there isn’t a lot of affirmation on it yet.