Super Dancer’s Paritosh Tripathi Heads to Goa With His Sis Geeta Kapur For A Pre-New Year Time Out!

Occasions are significant for everybody be it for an on-screen character or a customary individual. Paritosh Tripathi, who is known for his extreme execution and diverting parody shared his perspectives on it. On a typical day, one can discover Paritosh either immersed recorded as a hard copy or facilitating, yet nowadays, the entertainer is taking a break and can be found on the sea shores of Goa.

Paritosh alongside his choreographer rakhi sister Geeta Kapoor is hitting the sea shores of Goa with zeal.

On his Goa excursion, he remarks, “In India, Goa is perhaps the best spot to cut off from everything and simply unwind on sea shores. From longer time, I was wanting to spend not many days at Goa. The occasion happened as a result of Geeta Di. At some point, she stated, Let’s go Goa and here we are. Geeta Di likewise exhorted me what to wear here. Such a large amount of work back in Mumbai is pending, which I will be finishing once I am back. At this moment, it’s a great opportunity to chill and unwind.”

The entertainer is investigating Goa on bicycle, which he feels is the most ideal approach to investigate.

Is it accurate to say that you are making a beeline for Goa this New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the remarks beneath.