Surprise galore for Hina Khan makes her emotional!

TV on-screen character and Diva Hina Khan praises her birthday today and this time around is at home investing energy with her nearby arrangement of companions and family.

Generally far from home on her birthday events, Hina Khan is nearby for her expert duties this year and woke up to an exceptional astonishment set up together by her fans.

After the presence of web-based social networking, the hole between the performing artists and their fans have been crossed over and on-screen characters regularly take part in a real to life discussions with their adherents and give them a sneek crest into their lives.

Bragging of a gigantic fan following via web-based networking media, as a rule a private individual, Hina Khan took to Instagram to share a select photograph of her family room strolling them through the stylistic layout and saying thanks to the fans for the endowments and delightful improvement.

With over a hundred bundles, Hina got a redid cake that had specify of her shows on TV and her most loved brands with a smaller than expected wearing a Style Queen sashe.

Hina was passionate as she expressed gratitude toward her fans!