Swapnil Joshi takes up cameo role in Sony TV’s Ladies Special

Performer Swapnil Joshi will assume an appearance job in the Hindi TV show “Women Special”.

“I’m doing standard Hindi TV after just about 10 years or so as I was caught up with doing Marathi films. It’s an incredible feeling since it’s like you’re returning to your underlying foundations. Where it counts I’m particularly a TV item, whatever I am is on account of TV,” Swapnil said in an announcement.

“It resembles I’m returning home. Sony TV has been incredibly instrumental in structure and thriving my profession and it resembles family. Along these lines, when I got a call that there’s an appearance, it resembled an old companion calling,” he included.

The Krishna on-screen character immediately consented to be a piece of it.

“I think ‘Women Special’ as a show is very advancing and past amusement, it’s a very optimistic show. It gives you expectation and satisfaction,” he said.

As indicated by a source, he will engage the watchers of the show with his amazing comic planning. Swapnil will be found in a burkha till his personality gets uncovered by the main women of the show.

On-screen character Girija Oak papers the job of a business person with an article of clothing business in the show. Swapnil’s character is going to assume an essential job in her life by giving her a major articles of clothing request.