Taarak Mehta- Goli gifts himself to Bhide

Ganeshotsav 2020 in Gokuldhaam Society went off really well and the Rangarang Karyakram was a success this year, notwithstanding the difficulties presented by the pandemic.

Tapu sena made a splendid showing with the courses of action however appears as though they are wanting to raise the stakes this year. Post Rangarang Karyakram, Tapu sena has gone above and beyond and chosen to astonish everybody with blessings! And keeping in mind that for every other person in Gokuldhaam Society they present the blessings as endowments normally seem to be, however for their cherished instructor – Bhide, it’s setting off to a BIG astonishment! Or on the other hand will we call it stun?

The youthful bundle, including Sonu, has chosen to trick their preferred educator. Not at all like every other person in Gokuldhaam Society who have gotten normal estimated blessings, Master Bhide gets a GIGANTIC BOX from Tapu sena. Bhide is shocked seeing the size of the case however in any case, on the demand of Tapu sena endeavors to open it as they all stand by enthusiastically around him to see his response. What’s more, exactly when he arrives at the crate, Goli POPS out of it taking Bhide leap away with stun.

Madhavi, who’s standing only a couple of feet away can’t support herself and has a healthy chuckle alongside the remainder of the kids.