Terrorist Attack in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki!

The audience will get to see a lot of drama in the upcoming episodes of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki. Rishi, Malika, and Tanuja are going to be in big trouble now! Rishi and Malika will be out on an excursion where they will encounter a terrorist attack! Rishi and Malika will get stuck amidst the attack and Surprisingly Tanuja will also be present there.

Rishi will be trapped in a secluded area and Tanuja will come and save him from the terrorists by showing him a safe way. Tanuja saves Rishi once again for which Rishi is grateful to her. Malika, on the other hand, is not happy about the same.

These incidents are doing nothing but bringing Rishi and Tanuja closer and Malika is not liking that one bit. Malika is also madly in love with Rishi and she can’t imagine him with anyone else. As the story further develops, Mallika will try to cast Tanuja away from Rishi. We know that this is a typical Lover turned vamp story and we can agree to the fact that things are going to get messy for Tanuja now!

It would be indeed fun to watch the coming sequence!