Thapki Pyar Ki Spoiler: Dhruv Aka Ankit Bathla’s Track To End!

Thapki Pyar Ki Spoiler: Dhruv Aka Ankit Bathla’s Track To End!

In Thapki Pyar Ki, it is known to all that Dhruv (Ankit Bathla) has been creating misunderstanding between Bihaan (Manish Goplani) and Thapki (Jigyasa Singh), but in vain. Thapki is now all set to marry Bihaan. But Dhruv, who is madly in love with Thapki, wants to marry her!

Dhruv hits Bihaan, who becomes unconscious. He takes Bihaan’s place in the mantap. Thapki is happy that she is getting married to her husband, but Bihaan shocks everybody. Just when Dhruv and Thapki were to take the seventh and last phera, Bihaan exposes Dhruv.

Dhruv is annoyed and kidnaps Thapki. He takes her to a deserted warehouse and ties her. He reveals how much he loves her and tells her that he will marry her following all the traditions!Somehow Thapki manages to escape and Bihaan too, comes in search of Dhruv and Thapki with police. Now that Dhruv has been exposed, he feels guilty of his bad act. He prefers to stay away from his family and live alone!

A source was quoted by an entertainment website as saying, “As of now, Dhruv’s character will come to an end. And Bathla will not be seen in the show for a while. The actor has already planned for his much-anticipated holiday abroad, and will be leaving soon.”The source further added, “However, this does not mean that Dhruv will not get back in the show. Though the script ahead is not yet clear, it appears as though Ankit will stage a comeback, probably later.”

Another good news for Thapki fans is that the show will be aired for one hour from September for at least one month, after Ishq Ka Rang Safed goes off air (28 August).