TRP Toppers: ‘Pandya Store’ makes an entry while others stay the same

With TRPs, it has almost become a constant where we see an array of developments in the lower half of the Top 5 and this week is no different as well. But we do have a pleasant surprise while things above didn’t change much.

5. Pandya Store
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Making a rare entry into the Top 5 this week is Star Plus’ rising show, Pandya Store. The Star Pus sow has witnessed quite a journey ever since being on-air and while it was a great performer on the online charts and even on our chaskameter, the show is now performing on the TRP charts as well. Whether it will stay or not, we will have to wait and see but for now, it enjoys the 5th spot with 2.3 points.

4. Udaariyaan
Since making a rocking entry into the list a few weeks ago, Udaariyaan has become an almost constant member of the Top 5. The Colors show has indeed seen and up-and-down journey on the list but nothing to much to worry about as the show did well enough to still stay on the 4th spot with 2.6 points.

3. Imlie
Imlie has been a fighter and it has proved the same yet again. The Star Plus show witnessed a drop a couple of weeks ago but is now doing really well to stay on its usual and coveted the 3rd spot. The show does the same this week and stays on the 3rd spot with 2.9 points.

2. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin
There may be changes in the lower half of the Top 5 every week but the top half witnesses no difference every week. And once again, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is here and rolling on the 2nd spot with a great 3.7 points. The consistency for the show and the twists have been alluring for viewers to stay put.

1. Anupamaa
Nothing has been enough to topple Anupamaa from the top spot. But a couple of weeks ago, the show did witness a slight scare as it dropped surprisingly a lot of points and just edged to top. But none of that matters now, as the show is still on top and did so with big numbers at 4.0 points.

Which entry/exit or rise/drop surprised you the most? Leave in your comments below.