Twist of Anuj Kapadia’s entry in the show will take ‘Anupamaa’ to new heights: Alpana Buch

Alpana Buch has won hearts with her portrayal of the stern yet loving Leela aka Baa of Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’. The audience loves how relatable her character is as a mother and mother-in-law. While seeing her shower love on Anupamaa makes the audience’s heart melt, her biased behavior towards Vanraj is disappointing quite often.

We asked the versatile actress if maintaining the character is difficult for her, she answered, “Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is such a big success for the reason that its story and characters are very realistic. Audience can relate with the story and characters so well. An actor generally performs his character with full sincerity and dedication within the mold created by the writer and director. So, I also do the same. We are lucky to have a wonderful creative team to guide us. So, to sustain our negative or positive screen image is very easy for us”.

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Talking about the success of the show, the actress said, “The foundation of any show is a perfectly interesting storyline with twists and turns coming at the right moment. ‘Anupamaa’ holds the same secret for its success. So, Anuj’s entry in Shah’s lives is one more amazing twist in the story which will take our show to a new height of success”.

“I am absolutely sure of fantastic response from our audience for this rollercoaster twist in our show. The sudden change in many characters will also add spice and curiosity”. Alpana added.

So what changes are we going to see in your character? “Well, I can only say without disclosing the content that some extremely interesting changes are there in store for the viewers”. she said.