Udaariyaan: Fateh tells Jasmin to win hearts at Virk house

Colors’ Udariyaan is keeping its audience glued to the show with its interesting storyline. With lots of twist and turns the makers have managed to get numbers for the show.

The upcoming track will have lots of high voltage drama. After Tejo and the whole family comes to know about Jasmin and Fateh. And Tejo coming back to VIrk’s house and will be staying as their daughter and not their daughter-in-law.

After Tejo’s father tells her to fight back and show Jasmine her place, and steal everything from her that she took from her. Once she reaches she takes over the bedroom which irks Jasmin.

And Tejo will stay in the house and continue to serve the people of the Virk house with a smile on her face. Seeing which Jasmine will be upset as she cannot do the same. Jasmin when tell Fateh he will tell her to win their hearts.

Will Fateh will realize his mistake?