Udaariyaan: Jass makes firm decision to get Tejo back in his life

Colors Udariyaan has been keeping its audience glued to the show with its high voltage drama. Jamsin has been trying her level best to get Tejo out of Fateh’s life and also Virk’s house. But she has been failing time and again.

Finally Jasmin will play a master card by getting Jass back. And now the audience will witness how Jass will be adamant to get Tejo back in his life. As already shown how Jasmin will meet Jass and convince him against her plan. She will try to instigate him to take revenge against Tejo.

In the upcoming episode Tejo will come face to face with Jass. She tries to run away from him but he will grab her and even hurt her. Somehow Tejo will rescue herself. And this will make Jasmin more angry.

Jasmin will again visit Jass’ house and tell Jass to anyhow get Tejo out of her life. After which Jass will make a firm decision of getting Tejo back in his life. What will be his next plan? Will Fateh will come to know about Jasmin and Jass plan?

Watch out this space to know more about the show