Udaariyaan: Simran’s child Candy to reach Virk house; will the family learn about the big truth?

Colors show ‘Udaariyaan’ has been getting a lot of love from the viewers. The current track of the show revolves around Tejo finally agreeing to divorce Fateh so that he can lead a happy life with Jasmine. In the previous episode, Fateh and Tejo got released from the jail. Tejo promised Fateh that she will divorce him for his family’s sake. Jasmine decided to stay at Sweety’s house until Fateh and Tejo gets divorced.

Virk family is going through a rough phase. Khushbir is disappointed with his children Fateh and Simran as both ended up taking wrong decisions which affected his reputation and honor that he earned through so many years. While Simran took the leap of faith and entered Virk house to clear the misunderstanding, she did hide a major portion of truth from them. She told everyone that she has been in Punjab since three years and returned from Canada a while ago. She also informed everyone that she fell in love with Buzzo. However, when asked why she didn’t comeback to the house, Simran couldn’t muster the courage to inform the family about being pregnant without getting married. And thus she hides the truth of having a child named Candy.

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Well, in the upcoming episode, Candy will end up at Virk house. He will be seen having a good time with Khushbir. Will Khushbir learn about the truth that Simran has been hiding? How will Khushbir react to it? Meanwhile, Jasmine is ecstatic as Tejo has signed the divorce papers.

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