Udaariyaan’s Priyanka Choudhary on TRPs : The entire team worked really hard and that has helped us

Udaariyaan on Colors has managed to get a striking TRP of 3.1 and that makes the show a jump to the second spot, which has been occupied by Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin so far. The topper, continues to be Anupamaa on Star Plus. Fans of the show have truly waited for the show to climb higher and not just them, even the cast members couldn’t have been happier. India Forums spoke to Priyanka Choudhary about the numbers and the journey, and she says it is all about hard work.

Talking about the journey of the show on the TRP front, she tells us, ”We had full hopes and we’ve seen Sargun ma’am work so hard, we were like we will do well but when TRPs weren’t very good we weren’t happy but we were wondering that what is happening, the content is good, and why isn’t it working but luckily, the entire team worked really hard and that has helped us become the number 1 show on Colors. So it’s all about hard work.”

Meanwhile, Karan V Grover aka Angad, also spoke to us earlier about the numbers. He said, ”It is very overwhelming because when I came, the show was already at the top, Priyanka and everyone else have contributed so much highly to the show, all the hard work they’ve done, you have to match it and you can’t let them down or be a disappointment or stand out by being a sore thumb.”

Udaariyaan has been currently going through quite a high voltage drama phase and the viewers are hooked onto see not just what happens ahead, but also how do the lives of Tejo, Fateh, Jasmine and Angad change.