Wait, What? WWE Icon John Cena Extends Support For ‘Bigg Boss 13’ Contestant Asim Riaz?

We as a whole thought about how enormously mainstream and large Bigg Boss as a demonstrate seems to be, isn’t that so? We have run over different cases on the monstrous arrive at the show has.

However, much to our dismay that it has a fan following among WWE whizzes. None other than WWE symbol and grappler John Cena as of late proceeded to post a picture on Instagram that created a ruckus. Thinking about what? Cena’s Instagram account had the picture of Bigg Boss 13 hopeful Asim Riaz being presented and unnecessary on state, the fans went crazy

In the event that you are likewise one of them, let us simply give you a disastrous hit of the real world. Cena’s Instagram account is known to be particular and it posts the absolute generally arbitrary and off-setting pictures with no subtitles at all. Presently its Riaz yet there have been examples of Ranveer Singh’s picture, and even Shah Rukh Khan’s picture that was posted previously.

Along these lines, don’t get all aggressive and confident about John Cena supporting Asim Riaz or in any event, watching it. Indeed, you can think and expect in your own particular manner.