What? Ahaan to get married to Rangoli and not Pankti in ‘Tu Aashiqui’

Hues’ prevalent show Tu Aashiqui has been off the rating graphs for some time and it has been seeing a plunge persistently as well, yet the producers are going all weapons blasting with a specific end goal to keep things fascinating.

The creators are putting away in more dramatization for the group of onlookers to get snared to the show. Rangoli has figured out how to come in the middle of Ahaan and Pankti’s relationship and she will now get a major turn Ahaan and Pankti’s life.

Rangoli will capture Pankti and control Ahaan by instructing him to wed her. She endeavors to persuade Ahaan by disclosing to him that he needs to wed her due to the assault case. She additionally reveals to Ahaan that they can get a separation later.

Presently what will take after will be a fascinating watch!