When a scene made Neelu Vaghela break down on the sets of her Sony TV show!

Every one of us will consent to the way that most ladies think from their heart. They are exceptionally vocal about their feelings and don’t timid far from demonstrating them too.

There are minutes when ladies can’t control their feelings and we see them embrace each other and shed tears of delight or misery.

What’s more, a comparative occurrence occurred on the arrangements of Sony TV’s ‘Principle Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo’ as of late. While shooting for a specific arrangement, Neelu Vaghela who articles the part of Satya Devi in the show, couldn’t quit shedding tears!

‘Principle Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo’ is a remarkable interpretation of the connection between a mother and little girl and how finished nosiness by the mother in the life of her wedded girl prompts troublesome and clever circumstances.

As of late, the group of on-screen characters were shooting the Bidaai succession of Satya Devi’s girl Jaya (Srishti Jain) where an unmistakably passionate Neelu couldn’t keep down her tears! Such was an effect of the enthusiastic scene that the veteran performing artist kept on crying even after the shot was finished and the cameras had quit rolling!

At the point when reached Neelu Waghela affirmed, “Indeed, I had an enthusiastic minute while shooting the bidaai arrangement. While shooting for this scene, I felt as though my genuine little girl had got hitched and was leaving for her sasural! I share a nearby bond with Srishti, my on-screen little girl and even after the chief said ‘Cut’ various occasions, I was as yet stuck at the time and couldn’t stop tears moving down my face. The whole unit was somewhat shocked seeing me crying on the sets. Girls are extremely unique.”

Indeed, isn’t that the tale of each lady?