When Ajay Devgn’s prank made Saif Ali Khan run shirtless on Omkara sets

Ajay Devgn appears a standout amongst the most genuine performing artists in Bollywood, however behind everything that straight-colored exterior is a confirmed prankster. In any event, that is the thing that a large portion of his co-performing artists say. Ajay seldom botches an opportunity of pulling a trick on his colleagues on the film sets.

What’s more, it was the same on the arrangements of the 2006 film Omkara. Vishal Bhardwaj’s Indian adjustment of William Shakespeare’s Othello worked marvels in the cinema world, yet very few realize that Saif Ali Khan, who played Langda Tyagi in the film, turned into a casualty of Ajay’s trick on the film sets.

Vivek Oberoi, who shared screen space with Ajay and Saif in Omkara, uncovered the clever occurrence in one of his prior meetings to a main day by day.

Vivek had uncovered that Ajay had played a trick on Saif on Omkara sets that had left the performing artist running on the sets just in his dhoti.

Reviewing the occurrence, Vivek had stated, “For Omkara, I resembled his (Ajay Devgn) associate when it came to playing tricks. We played one on Saif, and it was clever.”

“When we were shooting for a scene in the Prayag sanctuary in Allahabad, we had heard that a couple of genuine bahubalis (UP criminals) needed to “hijack us” and treat us in their style,” said the Saathiya on-screen character.

“So we were shooting the scene early in the day, and fortunately me and Ajay were finished with our segments, and we were prepared to leave on the chopper. Saif was yet to shoot his scenes, and we continued prodding him for that, saying things like ‘We are going yaar, our shooting is finished’ or ‘Expectation you have enough security around.’ We had quite recently sat in the chopper, when we later observed Saif darting towards us after his scene got over. He didn’t change, and he was running topless in a dhoti towards the chopper! It was clever,” included Vivek.