“When there’s no love for friendship there’s no love at all” – Arshi Khan on Vikas Gupta

The way that Vikas Gupta’s Bigg Boss Season 11 bestie Arshi Khan did not influence it to the previous’ birthday to party, set numerous tongues swaying. With Arshi blocking Vikas and his mom, Vikas too gave back where its due and blocked Arshi.

What’s more, noting countless fans, Vikas cleared up in the matter of what precisely occurred amongst his and Arshi.

Vikas Gupta Rosewoodian


For all the Arshian and virshi fans ✌️who proceed to troll and bash. Arshi was welcome to the gathering , she picked not to come . She was disturbed that I answered to a couple of birthday wishes . So she blocked me , my mother also 🙂 Yes I have given back where its due. Proceed with Negativity

10:21 AM – May 9, 2018


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In his tweet, Vikas specified how Arshi obstructing his mom did not board well for him, which irritated him. He likewise wryly requested that trolls ‘proceed with the pessimism.’

To Vikas’ tweet, Arshi Khan likewise set forth her side of the story.

Arshi Khan


Vikas or Arshi saath me nahi however Arshi or Vikas mother aaj bhi solid hai bcz I ❤ her. Didn’t unfollow, wasnt annoy dat he said thanks to others but since my fans were forgotten. At the point when there’s no adoration for your companionship there’s no affection by any means. Likewise, quit being senseless. #VikasArshi

4:04 PM – May 9, 2018


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Arshi in any case, answered tweeting that despite the fact that she and Vikas were not on talking terms, she was in certainty especially in contact with Vikas’ mom. She felt awful not on the grounds that Vikas did not express gratitude toward her, but rather in light of the fact that her fans were forgotten.

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